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What is ViaSure?

ViaSure is incredible for men’s sexual health, serving as a comfortable and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Using SoftWave technology, this treatment is scientifically proven to increase blood flow and restore smooth muscle cells, giving you a solution that’s non-surgical, pain-free, and has no downtime! Treatments are quick, lasting only about 15 minutes, which means you can get back to your daily activities immediately afterwards.

OK, but how does it work?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a reduction in blood flow to the penis or a buildup of scar tissue. The SoftWave (also known as ShockWave) technology used by ViaSure targets the root cause of ED, restoring not only vital blood flow and tissue health, but confidence and pleasure as well.

The design of the ViaSure handpiece ensures consistent coverage and depth of shockwave energy. Essentially, your body’s natural healing process will be activated, which will increase blood flow to the penis and restore tissue elasticity. This technology treats underlying causes of vascular-related erectile dysfunction and will help get you back in the game with no drugs and no surgery.

Who is the best candidate for ViaSure?

According to Cynosure researchers, 40% of men experience a form of ED by the age of 40. This number only increases with every decade, so we’re here to help. If you’re dealing with mild to moderate ED, this is the treatment for you.


ViaSure is an excellent treatment for ED, but it’s also a Peyronie’s Disease treatment. Peyronie’s Disease is a connective tissue disorder where fibrous plaques grow in the soft penile tissue. Symptoms of PD include a curved penis, a decrease in length, and painful erections. Fortunately, ViaSure’s ShockWave technology allows us to treat Peyronie’s Disease.

How many treatments does it take?

Typically, 4-6 sessions of ViaSure are required to help with sexual dysfunction. Annual maintenance is also recommended, depending on your symptoms.

What’s the downtime?

There is no downtime after ViaSure treatments. All we ask is that you do not perform rigorous exercise for 2-3 days post-treatment.

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