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Vaginal Pain

Vaginal pain refers to any discomfort, soreness, or irritation experienced in the vaginal area. It can manifest as a sharp stabbing sensation, dull ache, or general discomfort. Vaginal pain may arise from various causes, including yeast or bacterial infections, hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, trauma or injury, pelvic muscle tension, endometriosis, or even psychological concerns like stress and anxiety. Pain during sexual intercourse is also a common form of vaginal pain.

Treatment for vaginal pain in Ottawa varies depending on the cause and severity of the pain and may include medication, hormone therapy, physical therapy, lifestyle adjustments, or in some cases, surgical procedures.

We strongly recommend visiting a medical professional for help with vaginal pain. Once it is determined that you are not in need of surgical care, The Aesthetic Lounge is here to help subside symptoms of vaginal pain in Ottawa. To learn more, book a free consultation with one of our medical aestheticians today!

Treatment for Vaginal Pain

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