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Treat Your Summer Sun Damage with Lumecca

After a summer of intense heat and strong UV rays, you’re likely to see some sun damage on your skin, manifesting in the form of freckles and dark spots. Thankfully, you can unveil your skin’s natural radiance and say hello to a clear complexion with the help of Intense Pulsed Light therapy, otherwise known as IPL. At The Aesthetic Lounge, we offer Lumecca, which can effectively treat freckles, sun spots and age spots in Ottawa.

The Power of Lumecca (IPL) for Sun Damage

Lumecca has emerged as a game-changer for complexions. With its precision and efficiency, it’s renowned for its ability to target and eliminate sun-induced skin imperfections. This advanced laser treatment is an excellent solution if you’re looking to reduce the appearance of freckles or sun spots. It can treat spots both on the face and the body, making it a great option for various kinds of sun damage.

Say Goodbye to Freckles and Sun Spots

Though they are considered cute by some, freckles can be an insecurity too. They can lead to an uneven complexion that leaves you feeling self-conscious. Lumecca works wonders by delivering gentle pulses of light that specifically target the pigmented cells responsible for freckles. In turn, the pigments break down and allow your skin’s natural healing process to gradually fade them.

As for age spots, also known as sun spots, IPL is also extremely effective in reducing the appearance of them. With its specialized wavelengths, Lumecca penetrates the skin’s surface to break down the excessive melanin causing the spots. Your body then naturally sheds the fragmented melanin, revealing a more even complexion.

How Effective is IPL?

IPL is a wonderful option to treat sun damage and Lumecca is a state-of-the-art laser that will significantly reduce or eliminate sun spots and freckles. Unlike traditional treatments, Lumecca requires very minimal downtimes, allowing you to return to your daily activities (as long as you’re protected from the sun). Results are also often noticeable after one or two treatments, though it depends on the depth of the pigment and your skin type.

The procedure is essentially painless, with many clients describing the sensation as a mild rubber band snap against the skin. The treatment is also highly customizable, allowing our medical aesthetic professionals to tailor exactly to your needs. This non-invasive treatment offers a highly effective solution for individuals seeking sun spot and freckle treatment in Ottawa.


Lumecca is the modern answer to reversing sun damage and embracing a radiant complexion. Say goodbye to an uneven skin tone and start on your path to youthful, flawless skin today! Schedule your free skin consultation in Ottawa at The Aesthetic Lounge and let our professionals guide you towards a more confident you.