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Thinning Lashes

Aging causes our lashes to thin, which we know can really impact your confidence! As we grow older, the thinning will only get progressively worse. To combat this, we provide Latisse, an eyelash product that aids with longer, fuller, darker lashes.


A lot of people turn to lash extensions to overcome their thinning lashes,  however, they can be expensive, need to be filled often, and can cause further lash loss as they fall out or upon removal.

Latisse is a prescription that helps promote lash growth with only one drop a night. Latisse is a great product to use instead of eyelash extensions or in addition to extensions.

Do you enjoy having lash extensions? Don’t worry – Latisse is also used in addition to eyelash extensions to reduce the amount of lashes that shed over time, as long as it’s used prior to extension application.

Treatments for Thinning Lashes


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