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What is TempSure Vitalia?

Using radiofrequency treatment, TempSure Vitalia can assist in vaginal rejuvenation. This form of treatment has been found to increase collagen production and tighten and firm tissue in the face. This technology allows us to do the same to the genital area. The custom Vitalia handpiece helps us treat hard-to-reach areas like the vagina and labial tissue, meaning we can assist you with vaginal dryness, sexual satisfaction, a better appearance, and reduced incontinence.


The TempSure Vitalia is one of the more non-invasive wellness treatments for women. The custom handpiece is applied to the target area and delivers radiofrequency heat at a safe and comfortable temperature for a predetermined time period to promote tightening and collagen production.


The key benefit of TempSure Vitalia is vaginal tightness and firmness.

Who is the best candidate for TempSure Vitalia? Does it hurt?

If you are someone who has undergone vaginal changes and are seeking a non-surgical solution, this is it! It’s likely you’ll feel an unusual sensation, but there should not be any discomfort during this procedure.

What’s the downtime?

Because this is a non-invasive procedure, there is no downtime and you should be able to resume your daily activities. All we ask is that you do not partake in sexual activities for 24 hours post-treatment.

How many treatments are required to see a difference? Are the results permanent?

On average, 2-3 sessions are required and they are spaced 2-4 weeks apart. You can expect to see a gradual difference as the newly produced collagen works to renew your vaginal tissue. The results are considered to be permanent, but it will not halt your body’s natural aging process. Maintenance treatments are recommended once or twice a year.

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