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What is Belkyra™?

Belkyra™ (known as Kybella™ in the US) is an injectable treatment that gradually reduces fat cells under the chin for a smoother silhouette. As we age, our skin produces less collagen and skin may lose firmness, causing lax tissue. When the skin underneath our chin loosens, it can create the appearance of a double chin. Belkyra™ can redefine and sculpt the jawline for a redefined shape.

Key Benefits

• Non-surgical procedure with lasting results

• A stronger, redefined jawline shape

What to expect from Belkyra™

Belkyra™ treatments begin with a consultation and careful mapping of the targeted area. Once we’ve developed a unique strategy for your treatment, a tailored series of 2-6 treatments over several months will allow us to help re-contour your jawline. You may experience some tenderness, swelling and bruising, so several days of social downtime are recommended. Submental fullness gradually decreases following each treatment.

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